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Hello David and Carol here with more of what goes on holiday n . To make a long story short, we stayed one night and Caz wore a dress she kept during the day, the white supertangas dress. without support, and was completed about three inches above the knee, was made of satin material, but I felt very soft to the touch. Caz UPS also had to maintain tan, high heels supertangas and a small white transparent g-string, although the dress was not able to see through you, could see line g -string, as the dress was very loving, but still was anyway. After a few drinks we went to a nightclub, which was well attended and tubes, that's when I noticed the neon Carol had to see through dress. You may nipples a bit, but not look too obvious, but because white thong could be seen clearly, Caz went to the bathroom and pulled the thong, but I could not say he had no underwear when he returned. We had a few dances and I could get my handsShe and her body felt incredibly under the dress, but after the dance we sat in two chairs near the bar. went to the bathroom and when I went to Carol was talking to some guy. His name was Carl and supertangas he was on vacation with some friends from the rugby, but had supertangas separated from them during the night and could not find them. Carl was only twenty years old and very muscular with broad shoulders ( he looked like he worked at the gym), which has been flirting with each other, and Carol, and I saw Carol also feel bum when I was at the bar . Carl Carol asked for a dance that disappeared in the full dance floor, was within five minutes of three slow movements played in a row, and had not yet returned, my cock was rock hard thinking, I could do but could not do, perhaps Carl turned and went into the bathroom and a few more drinks and supertangas Caz told supertangas me what happened. Caz said that if the slow movements came to supertangas Carl, moved and had his arms around his neck,He had one arm around her waist and the other on the back. He kissed her and how is it that made ​​the hand that was on his back down and ass on clothing fell (remember the backless dress ) On the other hand moves up and down his chest began to feel in outside the dress. Caz broke the kiss and looked around, but nobody seemed to notice them, and that allowed him to move on. Caz said she felt her wet and her nipples were hard as he played with them before your dress. Carl has more value and began whispered that he supertangas wanted to fuck, Caz moaned and grabbed harder, I could feel his cock pressing against her and felt solid. He said all kinds of dirty things to her, but only more and more Caz, Caz put your hands between the two and gave his cock a little squeeze and said to go back to Dave. I was rock hard and kissed Caz hear all this and put my hand on her dress and her pussy sokingHumid. Carl came with drinks and for the next two hours and Caz supertangas flirted and danced and danced whenever feeing kept talking dirty to her and said, I Caz, who had entered her to feel his semen on the legs to keep pace. We decided to go to another bar and Carl came to, who went before me and Carl could not keep his hands off her ass, because together caz record a Carl 's hand he stopped on a side street, the street was on the back bar. Behind the bar was on the beach with a few chairs and tables, but no one was around. Caz brought the dress over her head and was naked except for her high heels and wait up, I could see were on top of his cum wet Caz sat on the edge supertangas of the table and spread her legs and I could see shining pussy under the moon. Carl looked at me and motioned me to show my approval, he went to Caz and went to kneel by caz lick, but she grabbed his head and pulled him up and said, I am wet enough as I shit. CarlFrom his shirt could see he was muscular and his stomach was six back, Caz loves his body and chest and supertangas nipples licked and then pulled bodyand kissrd his pants down, the tail was about seven inches long, but the range looked solid and was only half erect. Caz stooped supertangas to stroke his fingers hard and never reach it, because it is too thick. His cock seemed just to be more and thicker as he stroked Caz looked at me and supertangas told me I will enjoy Caz girls as she got fully erect. Carl moved foward and put his cock in her pussy entrance and slipped it into her pussy and opened it. hey take it easy stretched pushed inch by inch, until he was halfway retracted and pushed forward again every time I moved back, pushed an extra inch long, well into the ball. Carl began to fuck her slowly and whisper caz I'm fucking cumming and arched her back as she cum, this stimulated Carl, who started up the pace, tHen slowed somewhat, so that whenever pulled his cock out at that time I had to push right back. Caz was lost and that one orgasm after another, his cock was slick and juices before accelerating again and Caz srarted calling all sorts of names like bich cum whore, slut and slag (loved the Caz ) while stretched and pounded her pussy hard. supertangas Caz had her arms aroung her neck and then put her legs around his waist, trying to keep more, Carl put his arms under his legs and stood up, and he was sentenced caz up, they have his arms around his nek, and his legs around his waist, held up as Carl and fell on his cock. Caz loved it and I knew she was still running, because the crack of her pussy became increasingly pushing his cock which is still calling names like bitch, whore, etc, etc, but just caz more. I my ​​own cock rock hard at this stage asi to masturbate. Carl then went back on the table and began to fuck her as fast caz back leaning on the table, his back arched, each time you run. Carl is going to end and I said yes, oh yes, fuck you fill me Caz shouted, motherfucker pegnant meet me and makes me (she knows I love it when you talk like that ) of semen, stretched, and Carl said : here speak dirty bitch and moaned when he leaped in her fertile sperm emptyed Caz and finish back again, as he filled his sperm was saying this caz I feel your hot cum filling me, O God, fill me fill me if if if if his words it went out again. Carl never retired and turned to me and told me her underwear, she asked why, I'm a heavy Cummer said theres loads here and i gave it to him, he looked up and said supertangas fuck me still lived long back. Caz managed to get on without end, but you could come and try to be boring G- sting again. Caz approached me and sucked my cock, but became so in the i -cam in about 30 seconds and Caz complained of a permit, as it filled her mouth. We moved us and returned to the front of the bar outside, and the three of us in the bar which was empty except for the waiter, but he was always in the back room, if we Sevinge. Carl and I sat side by supertangas side with Caz sitting across from us and stood with her legs spread showing her pussy full of cum for us. Carl leaned forward and rubbed her breasts on the outside of clothing, and they were very hard, is against the thin material, which then took the dress as her tits and then licked her hand and stroked the front hole full of semen, lifted the lid again, but always showing her pussy and finally launch an eye while her nipples. After 30 minutes of this drink and Piché Carl said, I am hard again u supertangas fucking bitch supertangas dirty, she laughed and said Caz can do something about it then and hOutside, she told me to wear. I knew I would get back to it again, so I just waited and even had a drink all the time I had a hard on thinking about it, Carl damn Caz through the back door. supertangas Caz retuned about 20 minutes later, but not with Carl Carl was in his own words to his hotel. The bartender had come to expect now behind the bar, either Caz wanted a drink, she looked at me and told me that Carl and I was again lifted her dress right there looking for girls in the middle of the bar was empty cum all over her pussy in front of your g - itching and at the top of the legs, the waiter was looking to open his mouth, Caz took over her dress and we found the bar as a partner school laughing. If outsise Caz i moved back down to where the tables where I pushed on the table and began to lick her pussy, there was a lot of sperm and there whenever I had a sip of Caz ig - sting retire to keep your pussy cum Escapiong and a kiss to the transfer of sperm fom my mouth on hers, I thought it was, until her pussy was supertangas clean Then I got up, my cock and began to fuck her until I returned. is On the way back to our hotel Caz said it's a shame we do not know where to stay, Carl, and I wanted to catch it again, I said yes and smiled at all his rugby colleagues and Caz said: supertangas oh yeah, that's Caz is a dog filthy, but at least my dog ​​is dirty.
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